Helping You Pack and Manufacture Your Recipes!

Do you have your own donut recipes and simply need a trusted and capable partner to produce, package, and ship them to you?

Our co-packing and manufacturing program turns your recipes into delicious donuts, applies your logo and other branding to the packaging, and sends them right to you -and your customers.


What are the Advantages of Co-Packing?

Our Co-packing program will reduce your labour costs and increase your profit margins.

  • Your time and financial resources can be fully invested in perfecting your business model.
  • You will not need to employ your own kitchen staff or packing and shipping department.
  • You can change your product line by simply adjusting your order with us.
  • You can utilize packaging and manufacturing operations without the time and cost involved with setting up dedicated systems.

Additional Advantages Include:

  • We observe and implement strict processes to ensure that there is no cross-contamination between products.
  • We are committed to Quality Assurance and food safety.
  • We do not scale up and start creating orders for you until you are 100% satisfied with the product we are producing.
  • We can recommend business/manufacturing solutions to refine your processes and maximize efficiency.

Always Putting Your Needs First!

  • We can send members of our team to your facility to observe your process so that we can produce identical results: same taste, texture, and flavour. We also invite you into our facilities to oversee and approve our work. 

  • All parties are protected by a mutual non-disclosure agreement. No one will ever know that these incredible donuts did not come from your own kitchen, and your recipes will never be used for another client.

Packaging is Customizable

Packaging is adaptable based on customer needs.

All clamshells are safety sealed with your branded store-ready labels to preserve their fresh, decadent taste.

Contact Us Today

If you have donut recipes that you’re eager to produce and distribute on a wider scale, let us turn your ideas into taste perfection and help you grow your customer base. To learn more about the features and advantages of our popular co-packing and manufacturing program, please contact us today.

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