We Understand That Every Customer Has Individual Needs!

Our Customize program allows you to offer your customers artisan donuts with flavours, garnishes, and presentations that you select.

You can:

  • Pick and choose donuts from our product catalogue
  • Create signature or seasonal donuts
  • Choose unique donut shapes and sizes
  • Order partly-finished donuts that can be decorated onsite to offer a sweet interpretation of your brand

Custom Variety Packages

Maximize sales and minimize waste, by choosing your donut flavours and package sizes.

Rings, filled, minis, fritters- we do it all! We will manufacture your customized order using the freshest ingredients, based on your selected flavours and packages. 

Why Go Custom?

We’ve earned our reputation by listening to what our customers want and translating their vision into dazzling donut orders.

  • We create products specifically catered to your needs in order to help grow your customer base and brand.
  • We are committed to quality assurance and food safety, ensuring that the integrity of your brand and quality of products are best in class.
  • We offer quick turnaround times and convenience at an affordable rate.

Fully Finished or Partly Finished Donuts

  • We provide fully finished donuts so that all you have to do is thaw and serve!

  • We provide partly finished donuts, which allows you to custom finish them on site. Add your own finishing touches and toppings as desired. No one will know or suspect that your donuts did not come from your kitchen.

Contact Us Today

Your business is unique, and the CT Bakery custom program will supply you with donuts that cater to your company’s brand, character, traditions, and most importantly customer preferences. To learn more about how our acclaimed donut line and custom offerings can contribute to your success, please contact us today.

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