Research & Development

R&D has served as a core pillar of our success. 

Incredible innovation happens every day at CT Bakery. Our enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable R&D team provides unmatched innovation to create products that continuously exceed our customers expectations.

We Creates The Trends Instead Of Following Them

Our expertise and capabilities stem from:

  • A passionate team of industry leaders, striving to continuously learn and understand the evolving market and consumer needs. 
  • A creative and multicultural team, each person bringing their unique experiences to the table. 
  • A devotion to customer service and service excellence
  • A strong commitment to quality assurance and food safety regulations.

Cooking Up Creativity

Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility for flavour and design.

Request A Flavour

Customers can request flavours and we will create an entirely new donut to suit the flavour profile or theme. We experiment with different combinations of fillings, coatings, decorations, and textures to test which ones best represent a particular “flavour profile” We are only satisfied when we are able to tell a delicious story from the first bite to the last, while capturing the true spirit of the flavour we set out to achieve.

Whipping up Great Ideas

Aside from studying the market and creating new flavors and products, our team is constantly asking the necessary questions to improve production efficiencies:

Contact Us Today

To learn more about our amazing thaw and serve program or to place an order, please contact us today. A member of our enthusiastic and knowledgeable sales team will get back to you right away.

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