Hospitality & Institutions

Improve Customer, Patient and Guest Experiences

Hotels, hospitals, and travel services can improve patient and guest experiences with delicious donuts that provide a sweet welcome or a delectable break during a long day of work or travel.

Utilizing our CT Thaw & Serve program, we provide handcrafted artisan donuts to a variety of institutions across the world.

Benefits Include:

  • Reduced waste.  Our donuts have a 7-day shelf life within their clamshell, so you can manage how much you sell and only thaw the products you know you’ll need.
  • Convenient storing. Our donuts have a self life of 8 months frozen at -18 C.
  • Save costs. You don’t have to invest in a manufacturing facility or food service kitchen to provide your guests, clients, and employees with bakery-fresh donuts.


Donuts provide a sweet break during a long shift or patient stay at the hospital. Brighten the day of your staff and patients by providing bakery-fresh donuts in the break room or cafeteria. With our CT Thaw & Serve program, you can order in bulk and, once thawed, our donuts stay fresh-tasting at ambient temperature for 7 days within their clamshell. Nothing could be easier- or more delicious.

Quality and Food Safety Guaranteed

We observe the highest levels of food safety and quality assurance at all stages of our production cycle. You can rest assured that you’re getting safe, quality products. 

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