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A consumer survey found that 93% of people want to eat a healthy diet as much as possible and 63% make an active effort to do so. It concluded that people want their food – desserts included – to be fresh, contain quality ingredients, and have a positive impact on their overall health. Because people can’t, and don’t want to, resist their favourite bakery-fresh desserts, providing a more natural alternative’ is extremely appealing. 

Is Healthier Choice different from Clean Label? 

The Institute for Food Technologists defines clean labeling as making a product with as few ingredients as possible, natural colours and flavours, and ensuring that it uses ingredients widely recognized as wholesome. Consumers value clean label products for the following reasons:

  • Better-quality ingredients
  • Superior taste
  • Health advantages
  • A more sustainable lifestyle
  • A more sustainable food industry

According to New Food Magazine, the clean label market is expected to be valued at over $51 billion by 2024 due to consumer demand for healthier food and packaged products. 

Similar to clean label products, our healthier choice program uses all natural colours and flavours. 

The CT Bakery Healthier Choice Program – Overview

People in general are transitioning more towards a healthier lifestyle. They’re investing in fitbits or smart watches, signing up for yoga, and putting more thought into what they eat. Our Healthier Choice program ensures that you -and your customers- benefit from bakery fresh donuts that present an irresistible combination of all natural colours and flavours and decadent taste. 

We developed our healthier choice program to help retailers keep up with consumer demand donuts made from all-natural colours and flavours with fewer preservatives. The process is similar to our thaw and serve and private label programs, except that we source and use all natural colours and flavours. Your customers get to experience the same product innovation and unique flavour, but there are no artificial colours or flavours.

One of the unique elements of the program is that when we are manufacturing Healthier Choice donuts, we completely clean and sterilize all equipment used to make our regular thaw and serve products, so there are no cross-contamination concerns for those who have allergies or insist on 100% natural colours and flavours.

Other program features include:

  • Separate handling protocols for ingredients. Some of the ingredients used for our Healthier Choice program are more sensitive to temperatures and have a defined shelf life, so we observe and follow specific processes to maintain freshness and quality.
  • Rigorous attention to quality assurance and safety. Our facility is BRC A ratted, approved and licensed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and we are GFSI-certified, which is regarded as a sign of excellence in food safety audits.

In terms of cost and delivery time, our healthier choice program is largely the same as the thaw and serve program. Healthier Choice products have a shorter shelf life and need to be prepared according to a stricter schedule, but otherwise, you can count on the same quality, convenience, and delicious taste with every batch.

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The CT Bakery Healthier Choice program lets you attract and health-conscious donut lovers without sacrificing quality or taste. Let us help you grow your business by providing treats with all-natural colours and flavours that can turn the most decadent dessert into a more natural indulgence. To learn more, please contact us today. 

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