Private Label Donuts

Why Private Label Donuts?

Maybe a better question is ‘Why private label?’ Donuts themselves are irresistible: it doesn’t matter whether they’re dusted with powdered sugar, stuffed with cream or jelly, dipped in velvety chocolate or coated in sweet glaze- they’re everyone’s favourite treat! In fact, Market Watch reported that the worldwide market for donuts is “projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.2% over the forecast period (2017-2030).” Therefore, adding classic and gourmet donuts to your product offerings will allow to take advantage of this growing trend.

In regards to the private label advantage, studies have shown that consumer preferences are shifting towards retailer-produced products. With our private label donuts, all you have to do is a your store label to our quality products and watch your customer base grow.

Private Label Benefits:

  • Extreme convenience. Our fully finished donuts are shipped directly to you in their final packaging. They arrive frozen and can remain in the freezer for up to 8 months. This ensures that you always have stock on hand. Just pull them out of the freezer as needed, thaw, and serve!
  • Reduced waste. Our Donuts have a 7 day ambient shelf life within their clamshell. Therefore, you can reduce shrink by pulling out packages from the freezer and waiting until they sell before pulling out more.
  • Reduced labour costs. Meet consumer demand without having to invest in your own equipment and staff. Our facility is BRC A rated, Kosher certified, and peanut free. See our full list of certifications here. These certifications and documentations can be time consuming to keep updated. Our private label program allows you to reap the benefits of our certifications with out the associated time and costs.
  • Parties are protected by a NDA. Rest assured that your confidential brand information will remain a secret. Your customers will never guess that these amazing donuts did not come from your kitchen.

Why Choose CT Bakery For You Private Label Needs?

Not all speciality donut companies offer a private label program. We do it because we know our donuts are the best and the world deserves to taste them. When CT Bakery opened in 2005 as a small neighbourhood shop, we committed to putting customers like you first and understand that private label products can help your company’s brand and increase your success. Our commitment to you has led to an ever-expanding range of the exciting and irresistible donut styles. We are continuously developing trending/seasonal flavour profiles that consumers love. If your customers value quality, variety and delicious taste above everything else, our private label program will help you exceed their expectations.

Our classic and gourmet thaw and serve donuts use the freshest ingredients and retain their rich, sweet flavour through the freezing and thawing process. Pure and consistent product quality and processes have enabled us to become a global company without losing the authenticity of our famous hand-crafted artisan donuts. Your customers will love the bakery-fresh experience and come back for more -again and again. 

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